Maybe our Parents knew what they were Talking About

I remember vividly that once I reached the age where my parents were concerned about their baby having a baby I was warned repeatedly that having one wouldn’t make my boyfriend stick around. I was told over and over again that kids added stress to relationships and if the relationship was already on the rocks then a child would probably end it altogether. I didn’t give it much thought because I was never in a situation where that was a concern. 

Fast-forward to having a baby after being married for two years and suddenly that advice is resonating loud and clear. It doesn’t only apply to teenagers who think starting a family will keep their partner loyal or make them stick around.

Having a baby causes stress in the relationship regardless of the parents’ age or level of commitment. In fact,  sometimes a baby can take what could be considered as close to “perfect” as a marriage can get and turn it in the complete opposite direction.

Often one person will feel as though they are saddled with more of the work, while the other parent is left feeling ignored and forgotten. In some cases a little communication can fix the issue. In other cases,.. well it just isn’t that simple.

So if you’re reading this and have yet to join the club of parenthood, take a minute and really consider what you’re signing up for. Having children is absolutely the most amazing and rewarding thing in the world. But it’s also a lot more than diaper changes and sleepless nights. It effects every single part of your life. Or it should anyway. Make sure that you and your partner both really know what you’re getting into and that you’re willing to do it together. Even when it sucks.

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