My Mom Hobby

Before I had my daughter I was an avid reader with dreams of one day having my own personal library in my home. I could read three and four-hundred page books in just a couple of days and open a new one as soon as the last page was turned. Reading was my very favorite things to do.

While I still love to read (and still dream of that Beauty and the Beast style library), becoming a mom put a serious damper on the time I have to do it. I had my daughter 9 months ago today and since then I’ve made countless trips to the library and loaded up on books that caught my eye, only to return them a week or two later never having opened the cover.

There’s no doubt that I would choose the mom life over the bookworm life any day, but I was still driven to find a hobby that would give me an identity outside of just being a mom and wife. It’s very easy to lose your sense of self when you have a baby, and while it’s normal it still sucks.

So I decided to channel my inner creative side and started trying different things that I could work around her naps or work on while she played. 

My first attempt was at wire wrapping and it was a pretty big fail. My hands just don’t work that way. I’m absolutely incapable of making teeny tiny intricate designs in thin wire. Since the goal was to find something that I enjoyed doing and all wire wrapping did was frustrate me, I decided it wasn’t the craft for me.

I played over a few different ideas in my head and then decided to try candlemaking. I watched a few YouTube videos and then just dove in. 

I started by just melting down candles I already had laying around to see what the result would be. It worked perfectly. It wasn’t an overly expensive hobby to have, I could do it while caring for my daughter with no issue, and I really enjoyed it.

Since then I’ve been making candles on a pretty regular basis. I’ve given some away as gifts, hosted a giveaway, hidden a couple for a local group that does art scavenger hunts around our city, traded with a friend for one of her amazing paintings, and this month I’ll actually begin selling them.

While I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go before this becomes a money making business for me, it’s something I love to do and having my own candles with my own brand, Lady Hatie’s Curious Candles, gives me back that sense of purpose and identity that got a little lost once I became a mother.

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