Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Lessons Learned the Hard WayA few years ago, my daughter and son-in-law decided they wanted to make a cross country trip to California to visit some relatives they hadn’t seen in years. They didn’t want to max out their credit cards so they saved money for months and cut costs everywhere they were able to.

When the time finally came, they were so proud and excited that they’d been able to make it possible just by budgeting. They had money for the gas, hotels and food along the way, spending money for the visit, and enough put away for the trip back home.

It wasn’t until they were in the middle of the country that the trouble started. They stopped for lunch and when they got back in the car it wouldn’t start up. It wasn’t the battery or oil or any other easy fix. They were states away from anyone they knew and they hadn’t budgeted for car trouble.

With no other options, they were forced to use the credit card that they’d made so many sacrifices to avoid using.

A tow truck, mechanic, and a few nights in a hotel that they hadn’t expected, or saved for, later and the credit card was quickly approaching the credit limit.

By the time they returned home they knew they were up a creek without a paddle. They’d spent all their extra money before using the card and now had debt that they couldn’t repay.

Thankfully, because I have used Debt Helper in the past with amazing results I knew exactly where to send them. It was incredibly simple to pull up Debthelper.com

and get all their questions answered. With the help of the credit counselors they were back on track and saving for their next road trip in no time!

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