Isn’t the holiday season just the best time of year?

Isn’t the holiday season just the best time of year? I know my wife likes to go all out. The tree, the inside and outside lights, she’s even been eyeing one of those giant Santa sets equipped with reindeer for the roof of the house. I don’t mind doing all the heavy lifting, but a few years ago we ran into some other holiday trouble.

We’d just moved into our new home and my wife wanted all new decorations to complete it. It wasn’t until it was time to do the Christmas shopping that I realized she’d been using our credit card for all of those purchases. Who knew decorations cost so much?

We ended up having a holiday argument. I wanted everything returned so we could buy gifts. She was adamant that the house looked perfect and she wasn’t willing to part with any of it. With a new mortgage we didn’t have the extra cash laying around to go buy any gifts so those all got stuck on the card too.

By the time Christmas passed I was anything but jolly. In fact, I was quite a scrooge. I couldn’t believe we’d amassed such a large amount of debt in such a small amount of time. What were we supposed to do now?

Thankfully, after doing some research I came across They helped us with credit card consolidation and even offered housing counseling services. With their help we were able to get our debt paid down and those credit card bills off of our backs.

My wife and I agreed that those decorations are going to last us for many years to come and we start a Christmas fund every January so we aren’t high and dry when the holidays roll around. Thank goodness for

for making what could’ve been a really long and expensive process easy and pain free!

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